Christina Schulz

As a Hile Group Senior Performance Consultant, facilitator, and writer, Christina relies on her expertise in teaching, learning, and performance management to customize culture change projects to an organization’s needs and strategically weave individual projects into larger operations.

As the designer and facilitator of Hile Group workshops and courses, Christina uses her 15 years of experience at Hile Group to create dynamic learning events that challenge preconceived notions of safety and learning and build new knowledge through participative discussions. Her coaching continues outside of the classroom as she supports participants in the application of new skills and knowledge back on the job.

Christina has also been a key partner in safety rule book revision processes on railroads across North America and has partnered with American Commercial Lines (ACL) and American River Transportation Company (ARTCo) to overhaul operations manuals to more accurately reflect new ideas in managing a safety culture.

For additional information and a list of publications, see Christina’s resume