Maritime Transportation

Hile Group began working with this company in 1999, partnering with diverse stakeholders including Shoreside and Wheelhouse crew, as well as Engineers and Mates, directly. Relying on expertise in learning and leadership, Hile Group introduced a series of workshops designed to challenge existing conceptions of safety, improve leadership skills, and prepare participants to identify and close performance gaps.

Hile Group’s experience in transfer of learning ensured that knowledge gained in the classroom was taken back to the job by participants through crew-based initiatives. For example:

  • The Operation Manager, Port Captains, and Chief Engineer ensured alignment between fleet and company goals

  • Captains and Engineers wrote fair, detailed, accurate, comprehensive, and timely Performance Evaluations about their crews, which they discussed with those being evaluated

  • Shoreside members also provided written performance feedback on fleet Performance Evaluations and used evaluation information to build fleet performance strength

  • Compliance with Welcome Aboard talks and safety briefings reached 100 percent and 90 percent, respectively

  • Vessel requests for Shoreside mediation of conflicts reduced by 80 percent

Projects building upon the knowledge gained in the workshops established fleet career paths with documentation, built core competences for each job classification, revised crewing policy to ensure crew continuity, and upgraded crew travel strategies to improve quality of life and decrease cost.

As a result of partnering with Hile Group, lost time and recordable injuries and environmental contaminations fell at least 50 percent below the 2002 goal. Preventative maintenance exceptions and repairs also reduced by 200 percent, resulting in the 2002 maintenance budget coming in at $1.5 million below projection. And crew retention improved, with a turnover rate of only 8 percent by 2002.