HG SafeLyncs™

HG SafeLyncs™ is a SaaS application designed to help in the analysis of near miss and recordable incident data. Based on the Hile Group’s Multiple Cause Incident Analysis (MCIA) process, you will work through the exploration of the incident in seven easy-to-use steps. This approach will simultaneously have the narrow focus of rooting out potential causes in a single case, give you a multi-perspective view of the circumstances, and help identify trends within the organization, ultimately leading to better safety practices. The site also is equipped with basic project management and reporting functions that can help track the status of Corrective Actions during implementation.

HG SafeLyncs™ is accessible from most browsers, and is viewable in either a monitor or tablet display. Each client has a distinct site to ensure all information contained within is company-specific and secure. The information captured within the data collection aspects can be easily customized to your specific industry.

For more information or a demonstration of the HG SafeLyncs™ system, please contact Erin Jensen at 309.888.4453.

If you are a current HG SafeLyncs™ user and have questions about our Technical Support Policy, please click here.