Safety Rule Books

The Hile Group Safety Rule Book Revision model has served as a cornerstone for safety culture change in many organizations. Active negotiation of safety rules and recommended practices by teams representing various roles in the organization triggers targeted and sustainable process improvements from within the organization.

Engagement in the collaborative rule writing process in conjunction with complementary safety initiatives has helped organizations see:

  • 25-55% reduction in personal injuries organization wide.

  • More than 50% injury reduction for process participants.

  • 30-50% reduction in railroad derailment-associated costs.

  • Reduction in personal injury litigation costs.

  • Rise in management credibility.

Completed books allow for company-wide buy-in around rules that are current, user friendly, accurate, and fair.

“It was the hard work and passion that these Core and Satellite Teams put into their rules that made the rule books truly great documents. Not just because they put in long and arduous hours, but because after a while they made it difficult to determine during various debates who was management and who was craft. Safety became the sole objective in drafting the new safety rule books.”

Ronald Ester, Regional Risk Manager
Canadian National Railway, U.S Operations