New Hire Orientation

Hile Group recognizes the powerful influence new hire orientation has in the development of a strong safety culture, and the opportunity it provides to instill a commitment to safe work.

Through interviews with managers and employees on the ground, review of safety documentation and current new hire materials, Hile Group partners with operations managers and Human Resources to integrate a new hire orientation process that sets new employees, and the organization, up for sustainable success from the start into an existing organizational framework.

Organizations rely on Hile Group to build a new hire orientation processes that:

  • Supports a commitment to safety

  • Targets the specific needs of new hires with varying skills, knowledge, and experiences

  • Establishes a reliable network of safety and operational support for new hires once on the job

  • Helps supervisors set new hires up for success on site and ensure an accountability to working to the professional expectations laid out

  • Aligns the professional expectations communicated during orientation with those practiced on the job