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“I love discovering the human story hidden within safety data.”

With a background in psychology, Erin approaches her work as a Performance Consultant and Data Analyst at Hile Group by integrating the human element into the statistics she evaluates. Recognizing analytics as an important facet of safety culture, she harnesses the power of data by detecting meaningful connections. Erin realizes her work goes far beyond the numbers, and she revels in seeing incident rates trend down, ultimately translating into many more people going home safe and whole to their families every day.

Erin is also the steward of HG SafeLyncs™, an online platform that allows partners access to Hile Group’s Multiple Cause Incident Analysis process. By pulling back the focus to not only address the root causes of an incident but also the environment in which it occurred, partners get a look at the big picture, positioning them for sustainable systemic change.

As an Illinois native, Erin is very plugged into the local community, using her time and talents as a member of Rotary and as a fierce advocate and volunteer for local dog rescues.