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Jonathan Seiden believes meaningful transformations begin with people. He is dedicated to the idea that the best institutional changes happen when individuals muster the courage to flip their perspectives and take bold action. Drawing on his background in criminal justice reform, Jonathan works to affect cultural transformation by empowering people to lead by example through systemic change.

As a Performance Consultant at Hile Group, Jonathan works with clients across a spectrum of trades and is motivated by the ways in which the principles of safety culture can be applied to practices beyond heavy industry. Since joining Hile Group in 2019, Jonathan has applied himself to expanding the firm’s field of practice and broadening the concept of safety in the workplace and at home.

Jonathan has brought his direct and deeply collaborative approach to a variety of projects; From safety data systems development to strategic planning for nonprofit organizations to the Go:Safe Action Plan, a county government initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities.

A native New Yorker, Jonathan is embracing the slower pace and community feel of his adopted Midwestern home of Normal, Illinois.

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