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“I’m not just fascinated by how things work, I’m fascinated by how people work.”

A West Texas native having never met a stranger, Margaret possesses an intuitive understanding of the role people play in any endeavor. As a Senior Performance Consultant at Hile Group, she specializes in safety engagement and continuous learning. Known for her accessible, hands-on approach, Margaret is motivated by the knowledge that her work with Hile Group’s partners catalyzes tangible, quantifiable change. She takes pride in driving down incident rates, knowing that what you see in the data translates to safer, more productive conditions on the ground.

Her extensive experience in human resources management coupled with her deep knowledge of the construction and marine industries positions Margaret as a powerful partner in promoting safe work practices, improving operations, and launching initiatives that link safety improvement with leadership development. With her unique understanding of the connection between people and organizational systems, Margaret specializes in helping companies revitalize once successful safety efforts and push through plateaus.