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We solve serious problems for good

by meeting people and systems where they’re at

and drawing them into transformative change

Our Core Values

Really mean it.

We speak truth to power and don’t shy away from tough conversations. We keep pushing until something moves because we know the people whose well-being hangs in the balance.

See the irony.

We spend a lot of time helping people clarify things they already know. As a third party, we draw people into expanded awareness where the obvious is surprising, the complex becomes simple, transformation grows affirmation, and serious work becomes fun.

Know the relationship is the thing.

We believe in the transformative power of human connections and we make room for them in workplaces which have edged them out. We root our work in relationships with, knowledge of, and respect for the people we serve.

Fight for dignity and fairness.

We make space for everyone to contribute meaningfully and rise to the challenge of living their values.

Think global and act local.

We know fractal improvements transform cultures.

Teach and learn.

We consider ourselves students of the real world. As much as we expect to bring expertise to our clients, we expect to learn something every day. Information exchange makes us all smarter and happier.

Make words matter.

We take precise language seriously—it must fit the audience, the environment, the circumstance, and the truth. We say what we do and we do what we say. We write and speak to think, aspire, plan, and commit.

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