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Since 1991, Hile Group has helped companies transform their safety cultures. From our beginning in the collaborative writing of Safety Rules and Recommended Practices by union and management railroaders, Hile Group safety consultants have brought non-traditional mixes of people together to forge new paths for themselves and their companies.

To us, safety culture is everything from pandemic response and hazard awareness to organizational and individual resilience, continuous learning, physical and mental wellness, morale, and diverse contribution.

Diverse Industry Experience

Over the years, our portfolio expanded across industries where machines, muscle, and movement intersect. Our clients have safely provided emergency response for Deepwater Horizon, expanded the Suez Canal, transformed incident reporting and analysis in the largest train yard on the planet, run the oldest family-owned shipyard in the US, and built the second tallest building in The Emerald City.

Along the way, our partnerships with executives, middle managers, and field professionals have led to surprising discoveries and practical applications that protect people and resources alike. It’s a pretty good deal. How often do you win both the Big Hug and the Bottom Line™?


Hile Group is proud to be a woman-owned and -led small business headquartered in the heartland: Normal, Illinois.

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