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Safety Consultants Who Bring Out Your Best

Hile Group safety consultants are teachers, writers, facilitators, and problem-solvers with experience in public and private sectors. Our diverse background equips us to support a wide variety of performance improvement projects across multiple industries. We’ll work with you to assess your current system for gaps, scope and sequence solutions, and start moving the needle.

Whether partnering with you as a full-service safety consultant or providing interventions to complement those you already have in house, Hile Group will supercharge your efforts with added capacity, fresh eyes, and a proven process for safety culture change.

Our Team

Julie Hile, Founder and President

Read more about Julie Hile's experience

Rachel Hile-Broad, Performance Consultant

Read more about Rachel Hile-Broad's experience.

Jonathan Seiden, Performance Consultant

Read more about Jonathan Seiden's experience.

Emily Kelahan, Performance Consultant

Read more about Emily Kelahan's experience.

Erin Duffy Jensen, Performance Consultant

Read more about Erin Duffy Jensen's experience.

Linda Rose, Finance Director

Read more about Linda Rose's experience.

Jane Bethel, Accounting Assistant

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the team?