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About Us

Rachel Hile-Broad sees safety as an elemental part of human thriving and as a tool to unite people across a spectrum of experiences. Simply put, it’s easy to agree on the importance of people returning home safe at the end of the day. In her role as a Performance Consultant at Hile Group, Rachel builds from this common ground.

Since joining Hile Group in 2019, Rachel has sought to fine-tune the Hile Group model in legacy sectors while simultaneously looking for opportunities to leverage its impact in spaces beyond heavy industry, broadening the understanding of what it means to come home happy, healthy, and whole. Rachel works in a variety of sectors, engaging with diverse partners at every level of an organization. Her deep commitment to collaborative processes creates space for just and equitable outcomes, the organic outputs of systems designed “by and for” the people who work within them.

Rachel firmly believes that working towards common goals is one of the simplest and most effective ways to bring people together. By rooting systems in common good and mutual benefit, Rachel helps make more space for people to be human together.

Born and raised in Normal, Rachel began her career working in advocacy in Chicago and in the Bronx. She’s been glad to return to home, where she’s leaned into values of localism and community engagement.


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