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Achieving Sustainable Safety Excellence demands deep muscle work

The journey is a reckoning. It is intense, often uncomfortable, and it is critical for long-term systemic health.

Safety performance gaps are reliably multi-causal and require multi-faceted solutions. Hile Group’s service portfolio, represented in the Sustainable Safety Excellence model, has grown from the means and methods we have honed over our decades in the business to help our clients improve known safety performance gaps.

We choose and adapt the combination of services that will best serve your community. Then, we roll up our sleeves as your partner beginning where you stand today and step forward with you into vibrant, inclusive, intelligent safety culture and seriously improved results.

Sustainable Safety Excellence Model

Hile Group safety consultants use an integrated approach to achieve sustainable safety excellence. No single strategy will bring about deep and lasting change, but when the whole organization is engaged, safety culture change takes root.

We employ our Sustainable Safety Excellence Model on every project, selecting the mix of strategies that will contribute to long-term safety success that drives bottom-line results.

Leadership + Learning

We turn your most valuable assets—your employees—into safety leaders who reduce injuries and drive a positive safety culture.

Data + Results

Our safety culture work creates measurable results, and we put analytics in place to capture and communicate leading and lagging indicators to show you’re on track.

Executive Strategy + Structure

We meet you where you are today and customize a strategy to move you towards a stronger and more resilient safety culture.

People + Performance

We help you understand what drives your people to make decisions and empower them to make safe choices that also drive bottom-line results.

Get Advice that Fits

Our safety consultants don’t believe in “off the shelf” safety programs

The Big Hug

And the Bottom Line™

We merge the priorities of keeping an eye on your bottom-line results with building a sustainable safety culture that is driven by relationships and a deep understanding of your company, beginning with the men and women at the heart of it.

The Big Hug and the Bottom Line™ is our commitment that Hile Group safety consultants will roll up their sleeves to help you strategically integrate safety efforts into your existing structure to achieve the largest positive impact on injury rates and return on investment.