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Safety Data that Delivers Results

Hile Group helps get your safety data to work for you by pinpointing the means needed to measure and track current safety culture impact, expose gaps within your safety data, and build safety data fluency among executives and front-line employees to genuinely make safe operations hum.

Identify and track essential lagging and leading safety indicators to truly understand what is happening in your system
Go beyond incident reporting to help your system study and learn from incidents and injuries
Develop corrective actions that systematically work hazards out of your environment

Hallmark Data + Results Services

Many of Our Clients Benefit from the Following Services for Data + Results

Safety Culture Assessment

Before we agree to work with your organization, we comprehensively look at your organization’s safe work environment, from executive leadership to frontline employees resulting in an actionable report of findings. A check on your safety pulse and how the safety you “talk” is being “walked.”

Safety Dashboard Development

We start with a thorough review of what and how current safety data is tracked, and begin to work with your team to decide what information you need to know to move your safety efforts forward. Our safety dashboard development includes a roll out to all employees and hand off to relevant staff, so that you can keep your eyes on the safety data that leads to bottom-line results.

HG SafeLyncs™

HG SafeLyncs™ is a software as a service (SAAS) application that Hile Group developed as the perfectly tailored platform to perform an effective multi-cause incident analysis (MCIA).

The user interface makes incident mapping intuitive and accessible, uses automatic communications to engage your team in analysis and corrective actions, and passively accumulates your community’s incident and corrective action data for trending.

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Our Result Is a Sustainable Safety Culture