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Multi-Cause Incident Analysis (MCIA) Software

HG SafeLyncs™ is a Software as a Service (SAAS) application that Hile Group developed as the perfectly tailored platform to perform an effective MCIA.

The user interface makes incident mapping intuitive and accessible, uses automatic communications to engage your team in analysis and corrective actions, and passively accumulates your community’s incident and corrective action data for trending.

The Safety Data Tracking Software that Prevents Incidents

MCIA and complementary processes embody Hile Group’s approach to safety culture:

  • care and concern,
  • data-driven continuous learning,
  • prevention, and
  • field engagement.

MCIA takes a systemic look at incident conditions and circumstances, that eschews the traditional, punitive incident response in favor of a forward-looking, truly preventative model.

Results focus on “fixes” that will help remove hazards from the whole system, not just correcting the most proximate causes of event. Those closest to the incident, commonly considered victims and perpetrators, are lifted up as subject matter experts on the overlapping systems that allowed or caused the incident and those best equipped to find effective, practical solutions.

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