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Transform Safety Culture for Real Results

A sustainable safety culture gets at and uses what your people know. We’ll work with your organization to decide on the performance a successful safety culture will result in and make it happen.

At Hile Group, we are committed to transforming safety culture through empowerment, analytics, and education. We are system thinkers.

For us, it is about creating an sustaining safety cultures that both immensely care for their people and drive safe, profitable operations – the Big Hug and the Bottom Line™.

Safety Cultures Drive Results

Reduce Total Recordable Injury Rate

Fewer incidents and injuries with corresponding steady reductions in TRIR and injury severity.

Increase Safety Awareness

Greater worker critical engagement and sharpened hazard awareness and mitigation to improved understanding of what causes incident and injury and how to prevent them.

Increase Number of Skilled Workers

A deeper bench of internal candidates for promotion into all manner of leadership roles.

The Big Hug

And the Bottom Line™

We merge the priorities of keeping an eye on your bottom-line results with building a sustainable safety culture that is driven by relationships and a deep understanding of your company, beginning with the men and women at the heart of it.

The Big Hug and the Bottom Line™ is our commitment that Hile Group safety consultants will roll up their sleeves to help you strategically integrate safety efforts into your existing structure to achieve the largest positive impact on injury rates and return on investment.

Our Result Is a Sustainable Safety Culture

We draw the talent already on payroll into expanded awareness, more open communication, and shared responsibility to make safe-work cultures more stable and energetic.