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Safety Leadership Is Vital to a Sustainable Safety Culture

As social beings, we respond to effective safety leadership well, and Hile Group safety consultants have seen the incredible change great leaders can orchestrate. We work with your organization to build safety leadership across all levels, from executive to frontline.

Organically embed safety leadership into your safety culture using your most valuable asset, your employees
We focus on safety leadership at all levels, including an emphasis on executive safety leadership

Executive Safety Leadership Services

Safety Leadership Team

Executive-level working group (all senior operation leads, safety, finance, legal, human resources) to bridge the gap between traditional safety department-led safety to transformative safe operations co-owned by all corners of the company. The Safety Leadership Team leads the continuous safety work engine that is long-term safety culture change.

Executive Strategy Coaching

Confidential one-on-one or small group coaching on leadership development, sounding board collaboration, accountability checks, ghost writing, and more.

Safety Leadership Services for All Levels

Safety Leadership from Within

Leadership growth rooted in an authentic, internally-situated passion for safe operations. Bias for a growth mindset and the building of myriad skills, including honest feedback, data analysis, effective documentation and mutual accountability. Build learners’ ability to build a team and safely work to agreed-upon targets, inspiring best-ever safety engagement in their peers, those who report to them, and their bosses.

Instructional Design & Facilitator Coaching

Super-charge for facilitators you need to create and lead active learner-centered professional development which gets people moving and translates to changed individual and collective behavior back on the job.

Performance Feedback & Coaching

Following Hile Group’s Feedback Formula and practices, we help leaders find their safety voices to offer gracious, constructive, candid, and impactful feedback.