Create Organic Leaders and a Passion for Continuous Learning

We help leaders at all experience levels jumpstart safety culture improvements and learn how to build teams that safely work to agreed-upon targets and inspire the best-ever safety engagement in their peers, those who report to them, and their bosses.

Optimize safety culture change by tapping key employees, particularly outside of “traditional” Safety Departments
Build internal facilitators’ leading, learning, and collaboration skillsets
Root the safety culture’s growth in an authentic, intrinsic passion for safe operations
Engage frontline stakeholders in solving serious safety problems for good

Hallmark Leadership + Learning Services

Many of Our Clients Benefit from the Following Services for Leadership + Learning

Transformative Safety© Workshop

Follow this link for information on Virtual Transformative Safety: Leading From Within

Jumpstart your safety culture, confirm your instincts, and extend safety work already underway or correct course in safety initiatives with new ways to inspire commitment, assess and manage risk, increase communication and accountability, and hook the whole system into safety.


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Safety Leadership Teams

Build your safety leadership team through the shared experience of assessing current performance, setting individual and corporate goals, and the deepening of relationships in all directions. After this class, leaders more effectively build employee commitment and teamwork, support development, mine conflict for opportunities, and apply systems thinking.