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Safety Performance from Safety Passion

Investment in organizational safety pays dividends in safety performance. Simply put, people perform better in environments that care for them.

Hile Group creates systems where employees have responsibility and accountability for safe operations at all levels. Our work fosters environments in which work is more fun and optimized processes bring deep personal satisfaction.

Go beyond checking the safety “compliance” box and launch internal safety advocates that champion safe operations at all levels
Reach past safety documentation to develop proactive and intuitive safe work practices
Place the development of requirements and accountability practices in the hands of the people accomplishing the work
Include existing training gap analysis and custom-designed participant and facilitator manuals to equip clients with sustainable internal learning systems

Hallmark People + Performance Services

Many of Our Clients Benefit from the Following Services for People + Performance

Safety Rules Revision

Safety rule writing that lays the foundation for co-ownership between workers and management of who gets to say what’s required and what’s recommended. Rule books that are fair, accessible, positioned to guide firmly (tight) and require professional judgment (loose) as appropriate, and lived to by all.

New Hire Orientation

Go beyond checking the box on orientations to the launch of safety champions from day one on the job.

We're Experts in Setting Up Job Hazard Analysis