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Job Hazard Analysis Redesigned for Action

Our job hazard analysis supercharges your organization to ask itself: What are the hazards, and how can we prevent getting hurt? A quality job hazard analysis:

  • Builds teams
  • Sets us up for good communication
  • Models self-discipline and accountability

Hile Group safety consultants build job hazard analysis processes and programs that are engaged, participative, non-routine, and rely on individual professional judgement.

Job Hazard Analysis Is More than a Checklist

Leadership Development

We guide leaders to use job hazard analysis to encourage, enforce, and support their crews through quality job hazard analysis meetings and conducting audits of their program.

Reliable Results

We teach clients to be more comfortable in their reliance on job hazard analysis, which will improve everyone’s confidence in using them effectively pre-shift, when conditions change, and when you have a safety concern.

Productive Discussions

We give crews and leaders the knowledge, skills, and ability to make job hazard analysis about a quality, focused, collaborative discussion, not just signing a piece of paper.

Job Hazard Analysis Services

Complete Job Hazard Analysis Process

We'll work with you to build a custom job hazard analysis program that includes step-by-step planning for major tasks, best practices for performing the tasks, how to identify potential hazards, and mitigation strategies for prevention.

Template Construction

We assist with job hazard analysis program and process design, as well as template construction.

Pocket Job Hazard Analysis

We create Pocket Job Hazard Analysis containing pre-written versions for everyday and high hazard tasks to support self-checks for workers along the way.

Audit Programs

We create audit programs to test for effectiveness.