Sustainable Safety Excellence Overview

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Sustainable Safety Excellence Overview

Hile Group specializes in operations-driven, data-informed, field-engaging processes that lay the groundwork for sustainable culture change. Our model proudly delivers on both establishing a safer work environment and positively impacting organizational results, which we like to call The Big Hug and The Bottom Line™.

Safety performance gaps are reliably multi-causal, requiring multi-faceted solutions. Our service portfolio, represented in the Sustainable Safety Excellence model, has grown from methods honed over our decades in the business. Our approach not only helps clients improve known safety performance gaps but also take their safety cultures to the next level.

Beginning where you stand today, we customize our services to step forward with you into a vibrant, inclusive, intelligent safety culture with measurably improved results.

Data and Results – Mine your data for targeted safety action.

Hile Group helps get your data to work for you by pinpointing the means needed to measure and track current safety culture impact, expose gaps within your system, and build data fluency among executives and front-line employees to genuinely make safe operations hum. Our processes:

  • Identify and track essential lagging and leading safety indicators to truly understand what is happening in your system
  • Go beyond incident reporting to help your system study and learn from incidents and injuries
  • Develop corrective actions that systematically work hazards out of your environment

Our most impactful services related to data mining include our Safety Culture Assessment process and safety dashboard development.

Executive Strategy and Structure – Comprehensively embed safety into operations.

Hile Group brings senior leadership teams together, facilitating serious conversations about a shared commitment to the safe return of employees home to their families. Our processes:

  • Unify leadership safety dedication to create a sense of urgency, driving action and safe operations at all organizational levels
  • Enhance safety leadership skills to reinforce culture change
  • Identify how to model behavior change while supporting front-line safety champions
  • Educate leaders on how to establish safety priorities and goals, while building a shared focus and embedding accountability

Engagements with senior leadership characteristically include executive coaching and working with you to create sustainable accountability policies.

People and Performance – Create process-driven safety champions at all levels.

Investment in organizational safety pays dividends in performance. Simply put, people perform better in environments that care for them.

Hile Group creates systems where employees have responsibility and accountability for safe operations at all levels. Our work fosters environments in which work is more fun and optimized processes bring deep personal satisfaction. Our processes:

  • Go beyond checking the “compliance” box and launch internal safety advocates that champion safe operations at all levels
  • Reach past safety documentation to develop proactive and intuitive safe work practices
  • Place the development of requirements and accountability practices in the hands of the people accomplishing the work
  • Include existing training gap analysis and custom-designed participant and facilitator manuals to equip clients with sustainable internal learning systems

Engagements with our clients typically include our Safety Rules Revision process and New Hire Orientation design and implementation.

Leadership and Learning – Foster an environment of continuous learners.

We help leaders at all experience levels jumpstart safety culture improvements and learn how to build teams that safely work to agreed-upon targets and inspire the best-ever safety engagement in their peers, those who report to them, and their bosses. Our processes:

  • Optimize culture change by tapping key employees, particularly outside of “traditional” Safety Departments
  • Build internal facilitators’ leading, learning, and collaboration skillsets
  • Root growth in an authentic, intrinsic passion for safe operations
  • Engage frontline stakeholders in solving serious safety problems for good

Hallmark services for employee engagement include our Transformative Safety© workshop and the development and sustainment of Safety Leadership Teams.