Safety Culture Assessment

With a Safety Culture Assessment, Hile Group partners with organizations to  identify multi-level performance problems and develop an array of intervention strategies that break away from unwanted trends to introduce desirable, replicable performance.

By taking a deeper look at performance areas such as work practices, supervisor accountability, role modeling, and measures of safety performance, the assessment process prepares leaders to:

  • Begin to describe a vision for a safety culture and compare that with current performance.

  • Identify areas of safety strengths and weaknesses within operations.

  • Understand how the performance of senior leaders and supervisors contributes to an organization’s safety.

  • Perform internal performance gap analysis to understand further what factors drive safety-related work decisions.

  • Prioritize organizational improvements with an understanding of short – and long-term costs and benefits.

  • Strategically use the safety-related resources available.

  • Develop a Safety Action Plan to define and clarify expectations, strategies, and key processes for enhancing safety performance.

  • Implement interventions to improve alignment with industry best practices and increase regulatory compliance.

Organizations rely on a Safety Culture Assessment and ongoing Hile Group support to shape new safety initiatives and bolster the efficiency of existing system-wide safety performance efforts.