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Safety is more than preventing catastrophes.

Problem Solving

We develop organizational safety cultures that are human-centered and forward-looking, opting for empathy over blame and problem-solving over punishment.

Relationship Building

Grounding our work in real relationships creates a stable foundation for sustainable change and fosters individual and collective growth.


We create safety cultures that protect people from harm while also driving innovation, maximizing efficiency, and increasing profit—the Big Hug and the Bottom Line™.

  • We are systems thinkers, evaluating every part of operations in relation to the whole.
  • We are perspective, analyzing complex organizational systems through a fresh set of eyes.
  • We are communicators, improving the way information flows and ensuring that every worker not only has a voice, but is equipped with the language to truly be heard.
  • We are practice, effectively implementing strategies in the field and in the corporate office.
  • And, most importantly, we are human beings, understanding the most critical part of any job is bringing people home happy, healthy, and whole.


When people, practice, and values resonate, safety systems hum.


Hile Group safety consultants do not install pre-packaged safety programs. Safety culture change, made real and of the fabric of a community, requires willing and interested participation from all quarters, so we’ll develop a custom-fit approach for your organization from pre-contract interviews with key stakeholders.


We root our work in relationships and a deep understanding of those we serve. We coach formal and informal safety leaders and facilitate tough conversations, drawing people into expanded awareness, open communication, and shared responsibility.


Creating lasting safety culture change takes deep muscle work. By ensuring our clients’ safety culture journeys are both transformative and affirmative, we avoid burnout. Emerging safety cultures are sustainable, high-performing, and ever-evolving.

Hile Group Facts

Founded in 1991
Woman-Owned Small Business and Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
Headquartered in Normal, Illinois
Trusted Safety Consultants